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Towards the producer responsibility of the future

Näringslivets Producentansvar is an approved producer responsibility organisation that works to drive development towards circular and traceable material recycling – so that more packaging can become packaging again. We offer expertise in all issues related to producer responsibility – from design for recycling to reporting and legal requirements. Join the journey towards a more circular society.

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In our customer portal you will find useful information and news. You can also see all your documents, for example your agreement and certificate of affiliation. Here you report your packaging volumes and confirm your annual report to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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Who are we?

Näringslivets Producentansvar

Näringslivets Producentansvar is a new company and approved producer responsibility organisation that was founded to meet the new demands on the producer responsibility for packaging. The new producer responsibility regulation places higher demands on producers with the aim of achieving a higher degree of material recycling.

With industry organisations as owners, the company gets a strong foundation and great influence opportunities for affiliated producers. Together, we drive development towards circular flows – so that more packaging can become packaging again.

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What does the producer responsibility mean for your as a producer

Producer responsibility for packaging

By law, all companies that place packaging on the Swedish market are obligated packaging producers. The basic idea of producer responsibility is to reduce littering, reduce the amount of waste and to ensure that the waste that does occur is recycled and used for new products.